Best Camcorder Under $200 in 2018

Camcorder in general pertains to a device which record images in a way that is similar to that of digital cameras. Series of images are captured through collecting light from the subject and focusing it in photosensitive substance within the device. With the advent of modern technology and innovation, camcorders are one of those devices that have undergone great improvements. These improvements have actually captured the interest and attention of many.


Nowadays, increasing number of individuals are purchasing camcorders with an aim of obtaining quality footage. But with so many options available, shoppers are advised to be guided accordingly to ensure that they will end up with the right product.

Things to Consider

Camcorder actually comes in many different types that suit different styles of shooting. The type’s usually determines few important things like the size and features. There are types best suited for different purposes or uses while other types are limited on their intent. Aside from the type, the following are also essential factors to consider when buying a camcorder:

  • Resolution
  • Sensor Size
  • Features
  • Bit Rate
  • Memory
  • Image Stabilization
  • Zoom
  • Aperture
  • Audio

Top 5 Best Camcorder under 200

1. Canon Vixia HF R800

This camcorder features SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer and Advanced Zoom which helps in providing steady and outstanding video. This camcorder features Canon 3.28 Megapixel full-HD CMOS image sensors, a DIGIC DV 4 reliable and functional image processor capturing videos at 1920 by 1080 resolution and also helps in providing excellent imaging performance. This device also features 3.0 inch touch panel LCD delivering easy, intuitive and fast controls.


  • With Canon Vixia HF R600 you will be able to capture special occasions and daily life involving the family in a more effective and easier way.
  • This camcorder is packed with features allowing users to make creative and impressive video essays with ease. With its awesome quality, your videography and your memories will surely stand out.
  • The range of Canon Vixia HF R600 is virtually endless with Advanced Zoom that is incredibly steady giving you better results even if you shoot while you are walking.
  • The full HD sensor and image processor allows user to capture videos directly to removable SD card at about 1920 by 1080 resolution for excellent level of detail.
  • With this best camcorder under 200, even fastest-moving subjects can be easily and effectively captured with smoother clarity.
  • The control is easy, fast and intuitive and can add cinematic feel to your exclusive videos.
  • This camcorder has longer battery life.


  • Some individuals state that this camcorder lacks innovation.
  • Users sometimes complain about issues on the control.

2. Sony High Definition Video Recording HDRCX405 HDR-CX405/B

This is also one of the best camcorders under 200 that features 50 MBPS XAVC S (TM). MP4 codecs and AVCHD, image stabilization with active mode. This camcorder is also known for its 30x optical/ 60x clearer Image Zoom getting you closer to action.



  • Highly rated by industry experts and buyers.
  • Creates better and clearer memories with the full HD and SteadyShot image stabilization.
  • Users can capture every moment with its wide angle lens.
  • Charges and transfers files easily using its built in USB cable.
  • This best camcorder can automatically make highlight videos from numerous clips on MP4 for easier sharing.
  • Sometimes lacks support

3. Samsung HMX-Q20 HD  

This is also one of the best camcorders under 200 that features 50 MBPS XAVC S (TM). MP4 codecs and AVCHD, image stabilization with active mode. This camcorder is also known for its 30x optical/ 60x clearer Image Zoom getting you closer to action.



  • This camcorder is packed with features that will surely change the way you capture and share memories. 
  • Its 52x optical zoom allows you to unbelievably get close to action and capture lifelike images perfectly with high definition recording.
  • This is easy to use and packed with modern features that guarantee more convenience and better functionality.
  • The Samsung F90 Black Camcorder functions nicely. Individuals can get this camcorder at a fraction of cost
  • Maximum video resolution of this camcorder is 720p which may not suit people’s need for higher resolution.

4. Panasonic Super Zoom HC V270 Camcorder

This camcorder features about 50x super long zoom which draws in the actions coming from ultimately far away spot. The 5-axis hand shake as well as the level shot features offer steady image for longer zoom shots. This best camcorder also includes built-in Wifi and night mode feature through Smartphone. It’s best to invest on this best camcorder under 200 especially if you are budget conscious but looking for an entry-level device that’s worthy to be owned.



  • Excellent Wifi features. 1080p great video quality.
  • Wider zoom range.
  • Creating a difference through its Optical Image Stabilization feature.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Excellent zooming performance and ideal for sport capturing
  • Lacks built-in memory
  • Rebranded version of the old HC V250

5. Panasonic HC-V160 Long-Zoom Camcorder

This is also one of the best camcorders under 200 that features super long 38x zoom drawing action even from further distance. The camera’s image stabilizer eliminates picture blur in the course of doing long zoom shots. The 32.3 mm wider angle lens capture the whole scene on tight places.



  • A small yet reliable camcorder.
  • The quality of videos are good and moving around the files and menu is intuitive.
  • Downloading files is also made easy with this camcorder as well as importing.
  • The battery life of this camcorder is reasonable.
  • This is also lightweight so you can easily bring this with you wherever you go.
  • There is no light in this camcorder

There might be numerous choices for camcorders available today but these 5 are the best camcorders under 200. If you are aiming for good quality at reasonable price, you can choose among these camcorders.

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